Monday, August 2, 2010

Spinning Mondays #2

Ok so you might be thinking where is the 1st post for Spinning Mondays. Well its wayyy back in October 2009. I figure if I want to keep this up, lets document everything (well almost everything).

Monday, Gym 6pm Spin Class <3 <3 <3. Yes its the best. Love the class, love the challenge, love the instructor, love my friends that go with me.

Monday class is popular- to get a # for class you basically have to be at the gym between 5 & 520pm at the latest or you can forget it. So I'm there at 5 on the dot to get my golden ticket. So what do I do between 5 & 6. Some of teh time is spent chit chatting with friends but I've started doing some weight machines and trying to get in 2 sets of a 9 machine circuit. (if I get desperate I'll post more info but for right now this is all youre getting). It can vary though - If I am good and get my 2 sets in, sometimes i'll do a 3rd or sometimes I'll go and walk on the treadmill or do the stairclimber before class. :)

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