Thursday, September 30, 2010

Run #30

"Motivation is a skill. It can be learned and practiced" - Amby Burfoot

I wasnt really motivated tonight. Long day at work didnt even leave on time to go to the gym because of stuff coming up so when I got home I was done. Brett insisted we go out for a run so I got ready and out we went.

I started out with the mentality of only running my square and it was slower than normal, i was cramping , wasnt in the mood, just didnt want to run but knew I had to finish. After completing 1.2 miles I figured lets keep going and go around the lake to make the hubby happy. WOW, running around a lake when it gets dark you get to eat so many bugs.

So I finished running around the lake and then continued to the light to hit my longest run to date: 2.25 miles! Whoo Hoo. It is SO hard to get past 2 miles mentally. So this is just proof I can do it and I'm so fortunate to have a live in motivator to get me outside.

Results of run #30
Distance: 2.25 miles
Time: 22:42
Pace: 10:05 / mile avg
M1 - 10:18
M2 - 9:59
M3 (.25) - 9:39 pace

Bugs eaten: at least 2 - hahhah

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