Friday, September 17, 2010

In case you didnt know....

Why am I including a picture of a Spiral Staircase? Well these are the stairs in my house. a nice looking way to get upstairs, they are grey and made of metal. Ok so what is my point aready? WELL - I got ready upstairs for my run (had my FitSok's on) and grabbed our laundry basket to take downstairs and if that wasnt a pain enough doing that...lets just say socks and stairs do not mix. EVER!
FitSoks are so soft and dont do well on metal stairs (we have wood floors too and its fun to slide all over the place in them!) I almost - almost slipped and that my friends would seriously result in a trip to the hospital.
So just a little FYI :) Happy friday

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  1. Wow, scary! I have the same exact staircase....only my steps are carpeted, thank goodness.