Saturday, September 4, 2010

And I have to take a Time out.....

Yes - I know - that picture is a tad bit scary. What does it mean? Its the reason why I have to take a time out (per dr.'s orders).

Yesterday I had Oral Surgery - to be more specific without turning stomachs, I had to have a gum graft (where they took skin from the roof of my mouth and transplanted it over my gums on 2 lower front teeth). Yes it is as fun as it sounds. I was knocked out for about an hour, received a plastic retainer (which was molded from my mouth at a previous appointment) as a parting gift and then was sent home to 'recover'.

Pain isnt horrible - wearing this retainer sucks, i have to 24/7 to cover the incision site on the roof of my mouth so eating isnt quite fun. Its much easier to drink than to eat when I have to chew so a lot of yesterday consisted of Milk Shakes, yummy yummy steak n shake milk shakes.
Today though is going to be smoothies, I've sent Brett out to get ingredients (sherbet, frozen yogurt, fruit) to attempt to re-create some Planet Smoothie, Smoothies. So if you know of any good recipes out there for smoothies (no banana - i hate banana) post me a comment :)


  1. Oh gosh, that sounds awful!
    Can you eat yogurt and stuff like that, or just things you can drink?

  2. 'Easting' is hard because i cant 'feel' whats going on with the retainer in and chewing just hurts so drinking is the way to go right now. I'm doing better so I've tried eating apple sauce, yogurt, and mashed up sweet potatoes and so far so good.

    Thank God for Carnation Instant breakfast.