Friday, September 17, 2010

Run #27

You only grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone - Percy Cerutty

Running on a friday is definately outside my comfort zone and running back to back days is WAYYY outside my comfort zone. So why would I do something as Crazy as this then? Because my husband was out of town all week and wasnt home yet and since I had already cleaned house, instead of playing on the internet wasting my life away I decided to (hopefully) prolong it.
Good Answer right??

Trust me I was skeptical at first - I ran 2ce yesterday (OMG!) and figured lets give tonight a try. It was nice weather tonight - a nice breeze (Which wasnt so nice when I figured out it was coming at me in certain areas of my run - downtown bldgs make for wind tunnels so the wind gets strong out of nowhere)

Part of my problem running is speed - I wear my self out too quick sometimes but my biggest issue is the mental aspect. I'm working on it - tonight wasnt great because I had in my mind I'd get to my 'spot' and once I got there I gave into the pain and quit. Boo! But 3 runs in 2 days - not too bad. Lets see what happens next week!

Resuts of Run #27
Distance: 1.33 miles
Time: 12:54
Pace: 9:41 / mile avg
M1 - 9:57
M2 (.33) - 9:01

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