Saturday, December 4, 2010

Run # 44

"When the gun shoots, you got to go." - Ato Boldon

This morning at 7am was the Downtown Orlando 1/2 Marathon and 5K. It was a great race and a great time. There were a ton of 1/2 Marathoners and they started first - when I got to the starting area I guess they asked who was doing the 5K and a bunch of people were in the corral for the 1/2 and the announcers said you need to go to the side of the road unless you want to run an extra 10 this morning. hahah oopsie.              
It was a chilly one this morning! The temp outside said 40 degrees when I woke up - I made the smart choice and wore my long running pants, and my nike long sleeved shirt - I was still cold but not as cold as I could have been. Once the horn was blown everyone took off and I (like usual) started off quick and I hate the beginning of races - so many people running at varying speeds so everyone is weaving in and out. The course was nice - going through downtown residential areas where its brick streets - the path they set up was nice though there was a tiny unexpected hill that kinda sucked but all was still ok. Too bad the Garmin doesnt track elevation, I'd like to know how 'big' this 'hill' is. haha.  Had 2 stop 2ce, kinda - 1ce to tie my shoe that decided todays the day that it was going to come undone and then at the water stop i had to walk to not spill it all over me since 40 degrees being wet didnt sound like a fun idea. It wasnt a long stop just enough to gulp down a mouthful and get another in my mouth to hold and then spit out just so my mouth wasnt dry.

Ok So the end of this race was the all time favorite. We made a right turn and had to run maybe .3-.4 of a mile (or at least thats what it felt like) - then we made a left and the finish line was right there like less than .1 away. I hate when you're in a race and you turn the last corner and the finish is visually so far away. So this way i was super motivated to pick up the speed and finish.  I'm happy with this morning - so glad I got up and for the hard work I have a new 5K PR!! Guess I'm going to have to start running more than 3 miles now

Results of Run #34
Distance: 3.15 miles
Time: 29:55
Pace: 9:30 / mile
M1 - 9:21
M2 - 9:56
M3 - 9:22
M4 (.15) - 8:30 pace