Saturday, March 19, 2011

Run Disney

So on St. Patricks Day I did something I didn't go out and drink gren beer. I signed up for this...

The 2012 Disney 1/2 Marathon was happy to take my money and my husband's money and send me a confirmation that we are registered for the race. Oh my goodness. Craziness!!!

Hard to believe in 291 days from today I'll be right here

With what 20,000 other people? probably looking at my husband saying why did we do this? to which his reply will be, not we- you! you signed us up for this. LOL. I hope hope hope the weather will be decent like it was for the 2010 group and not like 2009 (record cold!).

I'm excited and nervous - my mom and mother in law have committed to coming and cheering us on so I'm really excited about that.  I just have to get serious about training and I'm SO thankful I have 291 days to add 10 miles to my training.

So tell me - have you ran Disney? What did you think?
Have you run a 1/2 before? how much time did you give yourself to train?

1 comment:

  1. You will love it!
    Disney was my first full, and it was perfect. There is SO much crowd support. The time goes by so fast. The expo is awesome, the starting line fireworks are awesome. Waiting in the cold for 2 hours is not awesome. But you will have hubby to huddle with. Bring a throw-away blanket!
    If you are already up to 3 miles, you will be fine! Have you looked into some training plans?
    The key is building your mileage slowly, and getting used to spending that much time on your feet. Not running fast.
    Even if you wanted to do a run/walk method to get the time in, that would do it.
    Have you considered doing it with TNT????? :)