Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love Orlando

I attend the  First Baptist Church of Orlando. We are a 15,000 member Church and Give approximately $1.5 million per year to missions, the largest contributor of any Southern Baptist Church in the U.S. The Church started the Love Orlando campaign to give back to the community. I will admit, with my hectic schedule and speed bumps in life, I havent been to Church in a while so I do not know exactly when Love Orlando started.

Info on Love Orlando
How did we get started?
        First Baptist Orlando wanted to serve the community and show God’s love to others. They began organizing and participating in service projects around town. Other people from around the community joined in wanting to help others, too. And it grew from there

Who are we?
       It’s really simple. We are people that Love Orlando because God loves Orlando. We love the people of this community and we want to make a difference in their lives. No membership required to Love Orlando. All you need is a heart that loves God and wants to show others God’s love through your service to them.

What are we doing?
       We are helping people in Orlando. We are involved in projects like painting a school that needs a fresh look, delivering cookies to nurses in appreciation of their dedication to helping others, feeding the homeless, mentoring children, and much more.

On 60 minutes last week, Orlando was featured in the 'Hard times generation: homeless kids';contentBody

In response to this, our guest speaker today focused on this story and what we as a church could do. His goal was for us to raise $1 million. After 3 services (Saturday night, and the 2 regular Sunday services) my Church family raised $5.6 million for Love Orlando! This will be a huge benefit to the Orlando area/community. It was amazing to see this happen today and I cant wait to watch how lives will be changed and hope other Churches across the country follow suit and start the process of improving their communities.

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