Saturday, March 12, 2011

Run # 58

"There are clubs you can't belong to, neighborhoods you can't live in, schools you can't get into, but the roads are always open."   - Nike

I'm a few days behind but wanted to talk about my adventure. I'm really fortunate to work close to home - I live downtown but dont work downtown but its close - so I drive (or coordinate with the hubby to carpool since his car is a stick and I dont feel I'm good enough to drive stick just yet. )

Ok so anyways - I schemed up a plan to have hubby drop me off at work and then I would walk home. I had to scheme it since the walk could be considered kinda sketch in some spots - but for the most part its a highly traveled road and I carried my pepper spray just in case so I was good to go.

I walked 2.9 miles home from work in 50:xx mins - not too bad for a lot of traffic lights and for lugging probably 20 lbs of crap with me (gym bag with my cpa books, note book, purse, and just crap i didnt take out).  I was fortunate to receive some honks by people driving by - (its not necessary people - just a little FYI). About 1/2 way I was thinking to myself why did I come up with this little stunt?? But once I made it home, I felt really good - granted it took a little while but it was a nice warmup for a run. So once I got settled at home, grabbed the iPod and went back out to the lake.

Once I started running I could tell how tired my legs were from the long luggage hauling walk. (I need to think Backpack next time!!!) I'm kinda a freak when it comes to numbers, so I told myself you have to run 2.1 to make today's mileage an even 5.  So thats what I did, a 2.9 mile walk followed by a 2.1 mile run. Legs felt great during the run which was surprising - Friday though was another story - they werent too happy.  We'll see what they say this weekend.

Results of Run #58
Distance: 2.1 miles
Time: 18:56
Pace: 9:00 / mile
M1 - 9:07
M2 - 9:02
M3 (.1) - 7:36 / mile pace


  1. Ok...
    1) Holy crap you are getting fast!
    2) LOVE that nike quote at the top.
    3) Is that a view from your apt? Sweet!

  2. 1) haha I wish I was fast - you my friend are getting fast! And running 10 miles at 941 pace! I mentally can't get past 3 miles yet - working on it though

    2) <3 Nike is awesome

    3) nope not from my place - just a pic of dtown and the lake I spend my life running around