Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Run #62

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Ryun

So today I walked home from work again (2.9 miles) - I'm kinda liking my walks. I think downtown Orlando is so pretty. Especially the water and the fountains.  Its a warm one - but I finally got smart and took my backpack which was great for walking.

So after I got home and cooling off and chit chatting with my mom, I went out for my run. I committed to myself that I'd do 2 miles - I have a 1/2 marathon I have to finish in oh 290ish days and I've only run 3.25 miles ever - 10 to go. No more 1 mile runs.

Lake Eola is a great place to run, hence how many people are around. Tonight was the square

Then the circle around the lake - I could do it. I had to! I cant let myself down. So I started out, and I felt like a turtle and an elephant at the same time

My legs felt So heavy and I felt like I was running SO slow - I didnt want to look at the garmin - I was sure it was going to confirm my slowness but I said to myself oh well - youre out running and a run's a run so just get it over with. 
During my run:
1. I saw Kitzzy - waved at her - funny I see her more often now on my runs. Glad I saw her because I was at the point of where I wanted to quit and its kinda silly but just seeing someone I kinda know motivated me to keep going so thanks Kittzy!

2, Ran into a small child - its true - he was so eyeing something at the lake and was running towards it so like any logical thing I start going the opposite way but being a small unpredictable child, he changes path and WHAM right into me - I had to grab him otherwise he was going right to the ground.  Nobody was hurt and luckily my mental focus wasnt ruined.

3. Its HUMID - I probably sweated 10lbs. Or at least thats what it felt like.

4. I saw one of the Park Rangers bringing a swan back to the lake - I guess it wandered over to a local business so she was walking behind it making it go back home. I giggled when I saw it - it was too cute! Lake Eola has so many swans I <3 it!

Results of Run #62
Distance: 2.25 miles
Time: 21:09
Pace: 9:23 / Mile
M1 - 9:31
M2 - 9:18
M3 (.25) - 9:07 / mile pace

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  1. That's funny because I saw you just as I was starting and I think it made me run faster lol