Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Run #56

It felt like Christmas in this house yesterday!! My SR shirt came in the mail!! (Sorry folks for the ghetto mirror/iphone photo - the hubby wasnt home to take pics and I neeeeeeeded a pic asap!!)

I LOVE this shirt. I think its hilarious. Today I went running in it. I wish I had 2 because I want to wear it tomorrow too - I might say screw it and wear it again - sweat dries over night and a little stink never killed anyone. hahaha ewww but I dont care - it was really comforable. I secretly was hoping someone would read it and point and laugh or something but none of that happened tonight. I had a few times where I thought I noticed someone trying to read it as I went by, but I couldn't tell. Always another day right?  Ok Ok last few things about this shirt - if you were lucky enough to order one congrats!! SR is all sold out - hopefully soon she'll sell some more because I know I'm interested in a 2nd. I got a size small, I was nervous about the sizing but I think its great, I think the extra small would have been too short for my liking. 

hahahahahha I'm Tough

Yah Ok I'm not that tough - my run killed me tonight. It was windy tonight so running into a head wind sucked, and then we've had some large fires in Daytona Beach so now all the smoke has headed into Orlando so it was smokey out tonight. THEN my calves were angry at me (thanks Kitzzy for the term I <3 it). holy smokes were they so tight/sore - when I finished my run I felt like I needed to crawl home, just so I wouldnt have to walk.  Anyone out there in blog land have any ideas on what causes horrible calf pain?

Results of Run #56
Distance: 2.05 miles
Time: 20:00
Pace: 9:45 / mile


  1. So cute I love it! And I saw you on her blog :)

  2. I think its your form or the way you strike the ground. I know when Jason runs in his vibrams his calfs hurt, but after a while they feel better. I find that downward facing dog and calf lives help a lot.