Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Mall

This is 100% accurate.  I love going to the mall, walking around, window shopping, browsing, and real shopping too.  Back in HS - me and my BFF were probably at the mall like everyday. I'm pretty sure she introduced me into the whole store credit card thing because I got my first store credit card at Express because of her. Heck she introduced me into Express too (this is 10 + years ago when Express was 10x better than it is now).

Ahh so Ok - Orlando has wayyyy too many Malls
- The old time favorite as its my 'home' mall
- Orlando Fashion Square Mall - the one thats now close to my current home - and was the fun place to go during lunch when I had a job close by in college

- The Mall at Millenia - ahh - Heaven on Earth- Love this place - its pretty new - opened in 2002 but still feels new! 

Orlando  also has The Florida Mall, West Oaks Mall, Oviedo Mall, Seminole Town Center, and then gobs of Outlet Malls :)

Ok what the heck is this rambling all about? I'm So Super excited! I went shopping tonight. With Spring here - stores send me emails about their new items - I've been DYING to go shopping to get a cute new spring/summer outfit.  Hubby is on a 'save money' kick so hes been trying to limit my mall adventures.

Tonight though - I had to go to Pearle Vision to drop my glasses off for my new lenses. They said it would take 30 mins - know whats next to Pearle Vision??? The Fashion Square mall!!! Now this place has gone downhill - lots of stuff has closed so I didnt think I'd find much but boy was I wrong. Their Limited is still in business and I helped keep them in business tonight.
I'm just so excited I had to share some of my cute new outfits.

I was SO excited - I did my infamous hold the iPhone to the mirror to take my own photos - classy - what can I tell ya.

I've been dying to find a khaki pencil skirt so I was so happy when I found this tonight. The purple top (also the same style as the one below) are 29.90 with 30% off right now. YAY for deals! Tried looking online but cant seem to find the top - maybe I have the price wrong....

When the hubby came home I told him I'm now content - the shopping bug is outta me. Hope you enjoyed my little fashion show. 


  1. You are tiny! I especially love the green top.

  2. I dont think so - but thanks :) and yes the green top is great - its a perfect shade of green and really light - going to be perfect for our already hot and getting hotter days!