Monday, October 19, 2009

Spinning Mondays

Ok with my new regime I've decided it might be best to include other workouts, thus Spinning Mondays.

I go to 24 hour fitness and go to the best Spin class ever. My instructor turned great friend Alex teaches too many times a week, but I go for the most part on Monday and Thursday nights (contrary to popular belief - I will redeem myself MaryKay, Alex, and Jourdan). Background/Side note: Jourdan and I joined this gym together, said ooh spin class lets try - Alex was the 1st class we ever went to. Upon going and going and going to her classes we eventually became friends - somewhere along the way MaryKay showed up and sat in the front row with us and she became a friend too. So now there's the 4 of us and we call ourselves "Team Alex". Its quite funny too - all the instructors at the gym know our little group.

So Mondays are going to be Spin/Stretch Mondays - no Running - just the 1 hour spin class, some good stretching before class and some weight lifting.

We'll see how this plays out :)

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