Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Run #4

"Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder." - William Sigei

Run #4
Date: 10-6-09

I was pushed tonight. I went into tonights run with th coach and I was dying. Mentally I screwed up and had to start walking - Coach was not happy. So I finished 2 miles and was going to throw in the towel when Brett said ok 1 more, were doing it I dont care.

Ok so there's the Push I needed - I did 2 - I'm tired, I want to quit and we go for 1 more mile but oh geeze I SUCKED tonight. Got 1/2 around the lake and started walking again, got the pain away and started running, had to start walking again but then I pickd up and started running.

Coach was not pleased BUT I finished the last mile feeling like I was going to die but now as I sit here my calves are so sore but I'm glad I was pushed into doing the last mile. Now I just have to learn to run with the pain and keep pushing through it!

Results of Run #4
Distance: 3 miles in total not consecutive
Time: Not that good

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