Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goal Update

So after my last few runs - I kinda feel that the December 5th 1/2 marathon race is untouchable.

I need more time - I'd LOVE to do this race and I'm going to keep running, I just dont think its possible. If a miracle happens though in the meantime I'd definately sign up around Thanksgiving.

With all this being said - I searched the internet for races and there's not a lot but one caught my eye. The Disney Princess 1/2 marathon on March 7, 2010. 137 days from now. Its kinda fitting too - I keep my training going (and I do mean MY training) for the next 137 days. I unfortunatly dont have a "coach" January - March because of his busy season but I have a feeling my other "coach" Alex would step in. But I really feel I could do this one and after it was all over with, I'd definately deserve to be treated like a Princess.

So there it is - March 2010 my 1st Half Marathon Race.. 137 days from now.

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