Friday, October 9, 2009

Run #5

"Coaches are ok, I guess, but I prefer to do things my own way" - Jack Foster

Run# 5
Date: 10-8-09

This quote takes the cake. Now my coach is more than 'ok', hes awesome (partly because he is my husband) but if he wasnt my husband he'd still be awesome and I'd probably ramble on and on about my hot running coach.

But....I think I might like running/doing things my own way. Especially last night. Got down to the lake and Brett forgets his iPod so he goes back inside leaving me outside for 10 mins to wait for him - aka dread what I was about to go do. He gets back and I say lets run something totally different (because of my mental problem I dont like doing the same path). So we come up with Brett runs and I follow behind him. Well this works out but at 1.1 miles I HAVE to start walking and you know who isnt happy. SO start walking home and through the midst of our arguing, I turn the corner and start running on my own. I thought I'd just go do my own thing but Brett ends up behind me and complains that I run to slow and that he can walk the pace I run (I say its because I have a short stride compared to his but he doesnt buy it).

So the usual square we do around the lake I run the entire thing (With the "coach" behind me) and once I get to the starting point of my square I run the entire length of the road again back home to add too my mileage. Though not a continuous run it was a run and I did it sore legs and all. This second part of my run was 1.55 miles.

Now we just have to see what happens this next run - I really cant get past the mental block of running 3 without walking - I'll get there - one day - hopefully in the next week. I told brett I need to take baby steps running 2miles, then 2.5, then 3 etc. He doesnt agree and is taking my Garmin from me next time I run because he says thats part of the problem...he could be right- we'll see.

Results of Run #5
Distance: 2.65 miles in total not consecutive
Time: 27:27 in total
Pace: 10:21/mile

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