Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cross-Train Day

Cross Train #1
Date: 10-3-09

According to my running schedule I need to include some things other than running. So this afternoon I decided to go swim. I <3 swimming! <3 <3!

I put on my Garmin 310XT to try it out in the pool, and I learned tonight it doesnt track your distance well in the pool. Its great for time but not distance.

So tonight was a consecutive 20 min swim. The garmin said it was a 2 mile distance - though I'd LOVE for that to be right, I know its not, but it felt great to swim 20 mins. <3

Cross Train #1 Results
Activity: Swimming
Time: 20 mins

1 comment:

  1. I missed you my friend at spinny spin last night, but just read your E-mail and see that you have a justified excuse! are you following the running plan? I hope so, it will totally have you prepared for OUC if you do everything you are supposed to (I promise!)
    I luv, u r great & most of all, you CAN do this!