Monday, October 12, 2009

Run #6

"To get to the finish line, you'll have to try lots of different paths." - Amby Burfoot

Date: 10-11-09

I love finding quotes which pertain to my 'tales'. In order to get to my goal of a half marathon, I know I need to run a lot of different paths. Like tonights run - we went to my inlaws house and I brought my running shoes and went for a nice run by myself.

Well before hand I went with my Mother in law and the dog for a walk (1.65 mile walk), then grabbed my iPod and went running. It was nice, no coach to kill me, just me, the road, and my thoughts. These types of runs are great for me as I dont really know a set path to run or the distance I'm running. So its great because I can tell myself oh run this way then that way and eventually we'll end up back home and mentally it all works out because I dont know how far I'm running. Though...the Garmin vibrates at every mile it gives away how far I've been so I need to look into turning that function off.

Now if only I could push myself past this 2 mile 'road block' I have in my head....
While on this run I was thinking about the race in December and how I've been running - I am not sure if a 1/2 marathon will work in December, in 2010 maybe so a Goal Change might come sometime soon. What that is, I'm not sure so stay tuned.

Results of Run#6
Distance: 2.15 miles
Time: 22:12
Pace: 10:19/mile

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