Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Overview

This weekend was Fathers day and my Brothers 1st Wedding Anniversary. (awwww)

(from 1 year ago - pre wedding)

It was a difficult fathers day since its only has been 4 months since my dad passed. I want to be able to have one more hug, one more chat, one more 'I love you' but I can't. Its hard, but when is life easy? I just know that I was a very loved daughter and that my dad is now healed and having the best fathers day ever.

Now though Brett and I have no human children, Kady, our doberman, is so very much our 6 year old child/brat/sweetheart and so she told her daddy how much she loved him on Fathers day with lots of kisses. We showed her how much we loved her back by making her get in the pool. (she hates the pool - and only likes standing 2 feet on the 1st step)

She much rather lay out like her momma.
Foxey likes laying out too - and is smart to realize the raft I'm laying on is the way to go when laying out

In addition to all the pool activities, I did the next best thing in life.....ok ok so Im a little scarcastic, but I have to stay positive and make it fun so I keep it up. What am I talking about?


LoL - great stuff right there. Current Assets & Liabilities, Fixed Assets, Impariment, Fair Value...
dont you want to be an accountant?

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  :)


  1. I'm studying for the CPA as well; although found your blog via SR. I just took FAR and am waiting results... working on Auditing now. Good luck! :) ~ Erika

  2. Hey Erika, I'm studying for FAR and awaiting results for Audit. I didnt think Audit was horrible - I really liked the mini simulations and found them to be straight forward and not confusing. Hope your results turn out well! i DO NOT like how this testing period was delayed.

  3. Hollie, I'm sorry you're going through your first Father's Day without your dad. Hugs.