Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long Distance Running - part 2

Thanks to everyone with their comments about running with water / gatorade and all the links of products. I'm definately going to have to 1) look into a running group to have water available and to bond with others who enjoy torturing themselves and 2) head to the running store and check this stuff out in person to see what I'd like.

Now I have another running related question....

Because the 4 mile range is still new and not at all easy, mentally I'm ok, but then I wonder what about the 5,6,7+ mile range? I listen to music 99% of the time but even with the music going my mental chatter can be 100 times louder than music. I also play some games. When I'm running a similar/ same loop I'll tell myself at mile 2 that the beep the garmin just did was only mile 1 so suck it up because you cant quit after 1. Sometimes I'm pretty good at convincing myself its true and then once I hit the 3 mile mark I play the 'ok just run to that light, intersection, etc' and then i keep pushing myself to the next object, location etc.

I just feel like I'm going to hit a wall mentally.... so tell me,  

What do you think about when you run / how do you keep yourself mentally busy?


  1. Then I think a group really WOULD be good for you!
    I usually run alone even when we do our group runs, and knowing that there is a whole group of us out there helps get me through the long runs. We meet up together, head out at our own paces, and all meet back at the end.
    The thought of doing a 20 miler on my own, carrying my own gatorade, and relying on my own will power to not cut it short....I shudder.

  2. I 2nd what Courtney said. No way could I have trained for my first half or full marathon alone. I train with the Galloway group out of track shack - we do run-walk-run intervals -- and they also have Marathonfest.

    Having a group to distract me works wonders and before I know it I've run 10 miles. Since training for a marathon with them I have been able to run further on my own (up to 10 miles) but I think that's because I've now overcome the mental hurdle and know I can do it. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what I think about when I run alone. I think I just zone out and workout whatever is rattling around in my brain at the time. I don't listen to music when I run anymore, but if I am tackling something long on my own I'll bring some along. But I am also one of those people that really enjoys running while I'm running not just how I feel after.

  3. I actually do better when I DON'T think! I just zone out and think about ANYTHING else. Running is 90% mental - it's the truth. It's hard to explain how and when I get over it - but once you get those endorphins going it's much easier to get into the groove. There are days when I am dying at mile 3 and then by mile 5 I feel like I could go on forever.

    I DO love the MarathonFest pace group I'm running with for my marathon. They have marathon and half marathon programs and coaching for all difference paces. Track Shack is SUCH a great place for support!

  4. Running is the only time I have to think about my day. I usually daydream. Unless it's on a treadmill, then I don't have to worry about pace and can watch TV or rock out to some music.

    Am I crazy? Did you just change your page up?

  5. Paula youre the 1st to notice - it's still a work in progress but it's getting there
    What are your thoughts ?

  6. I like it! The title gets cut off if I don't have the page on full screen, but that's the only problem I see. Not that it's a problem. I think you should add a picture to the front of yourself somewhere. :-)