Monday, June 13, 2011

Run # 67

"On days you don't want to run or think you will have a bad run, go run! You will surprise yourself." - Me

Tonight was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! New distance PR and 4 mile Time PR!!
Happy Dance

I did not want to run. It was super hot outside, I wasn't in the mood, but when Brett called and  said "can you pick me up from work" I said I was about to go run so he said "ok I'll walk, go run" (he works about a mile from home). So there it was, my committment I had to go run because I was making Brett walk home in the hot hot hot.

Rewind 2 days ago, I wanted to run 4 miles BUT at 8am on saturday it was way too hot and I slept 12 hours so I totally missed dinner, so running on a really empty stomach wasnt my best idea. Yes I slept 12 straight hours. Brett and I layed down to cuddle and whoops totally didnt wake up until saturday.

So tonight I had the inner struggle - I told myself get to 2 - once I got to 2, it was you know you can run a 5K. Once that was done it was 'you've done 4, do it again, just finish, dont worry about time, if you believe it you can achieve it (silly but it worked). Then for good measure and because I was a lil ways from home, I finished the 4 and did .11 more.  My distance is getting up there. I'm excited for myself.

For some proof - heres the tomato face Hollie! LOL and I got B to take my pic so no ghetto mirror photo! LOL

Really excited tonight - new distance PR and new 4 mile Time PR! Whoo Hoo

Results of Run #67
Distance: 4.11
Time: 41:29
Pace: 10:05 / mile
M1 - 9:54
M2 - 10:26
M3 - 10:08
M4 - 9:58
M5 - 9:25 pace (.11)