Saturday, June 18, 2011

Long Distance Running

So I've been thinking lately about this running thing. I am so super amazed at myself for getting up to 4+ miles and for doing it 'smart' in my opinion. I'm also surprised that I've not hurt myself and I'm not burnt out yet.

On my last 4 mile run I started to think about hydration and running 5 miles then 6 then 7 and so on. Right now running downtown I don't take a water bottle with me and there isnt a real set up for me to leave a water bottle somewhere run a loop and come back to it (since 1- someone could take it 2 - someone could put something in it).

SO then it hit me, post about this and see what insight others have. So here are my questions running through my head.

On my 4 mile run I don't feel thirsty - I know its not smart to run without water so at while mileage point do you start carrying water with you?

What is the longest run you've done without water?

If you carry a water bottle - any recommendations? Do you carry water or gatorade?


  1. This depends on the time of year for me and varies from person to person. In the winter, I think I've gone 4 miles without water. In the summer, I bring a small bottle even for a short 3 mile run because it is so damn hot. I only carry water as I do not drink gatorade, but often will have cliff shotblocks or gu gels with me. If you are running near Lake Eola, you can use the water fountains there. If you run out to Lake Underhill and back (about 6 miles for me) there is a water fountain there (which would be around the 3 mile mark).

    I run with this fuel belt

    It sells with 2, 3 or 4 bottles. I have the one with 4 because then I can remove some if I want but have the option of bringing all 4 when I am running really long or really far. I also have this pouch that I can attach to the belt for my iphone.

    Since I run with a the Galloway training group from Track Shack (highly recommend it), they put out water for us, but I've been bringing my fuel belt (since I need to carry my phone anyway) with just 1 10.5-oz bottle so I can sip water when I want and not just every 2 miles. The belt comes with 8 oz bottles, but you can buy 10 oz ones too, which I prefer. So you could purchase the belt that comes with 2, then buy the extra 10.5-oz bottles.

    I also own this handheld bottle and this one which I cary sometimes for short runs but I prefer something on my waist than on my hand.

    There are a ton of other options to choose from:

  2. I probably don't take anything with me unless I'm running over an hour.
    Like Kitzzy said, I run with TNT on my long runs, so they put water stops out for us.
    I have an amphipod belt that I love and holds 32 ounces of fluid.
    Also, I plan my routes around water fountains.

    Just some ideas!

    Typically, I only drink a sports drink on runs over an hour.
    After track, I drink a giant bottle of nuun.

  3. I run w/o water under 6 miles. I try to run somewhere where I know there are water fountains if it's over that or use my Camelback.

    I have a handheld water bottle that I hate because it's too heavy. A regular water bottle is better but I still hate having anything in my hands when I run.

    P.S. I mix half water/half gatorade or just do water and bring salt tablets.

  4. I can usually run 5-6 miles without water but anything further than that, you need to have some fuel in between the miles. Good luck with building up your mileage!