Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy Lady

So, I've been really busy lately - went to Ohio for Memorial Day to see the family. Now that I'm home I'm leaving town again for the weekend to be in a wedding.

This is my path of travel lately

Gotta run but hope everyone has a great weekend

Once its all over on Sunday I will have
  • been in the car for about 48 hours
  • driven 3,000 miles
  • been in 7 states
  • lost count at how many people I've yelled at for bad driving
  • ate a lot of crap in the car and I've loved every minute.
  • Ran 2 miles in Ohio - umm yah Ohio isnt flat. The 1st mile was uphill and the 2nd obviously down (because we did an out and back - if I'm reading map my run right - the elevation shows about a 150 foot climb overall..... crazy! when youre used to flat flat flat
  • seen my 3 adorable nephews (one shown below and the chunker is only 5 months old!!)

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