Sunday, October 9, 2011

August 18 - October 8th

Yep, thats the timeframe in which I've not posted a thing. Whoopsie? Sorry?

I've had a huge life adjustment. I started a new job that I absolutely LOVE. Yes seriously I do. I actually have to work too - but I like it. Wait what? Ok so previous job I had to work, but it was like crazy easy and no stress and I'd get my daily tasks done super quick which left a lot of time for playing on my phone.  So why leave an easy job? Basically for career growth. I"m now learning a TON, doing more with my accounting/finance degree and it feels wonderful.

So with this new job I've had to adjust to new hours, new responsibilities and that has meant some later nights. Later nights have meant fewer runs. Also I'm trying to stick with this studying for the CPA thing.  Has anyone attempted to study for something AFTER being done with college? Umm it sucks. I have no desire to study, but I know I need my name followed by 3 letters to at least climb the corporate ladder one day (that is if husband fails at climbing his own lol j/k).

So now here I am - attempting to come back - not on a daily basis but i hope for 1-2ce a week.
I want to run the OUC 1/2 Marathon in December as a warm up to my January Disney 1/2 Marathon..... So I need to log more miles and get ready!

Here's to some longer runs and more studying!

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  1. Welcome back! I know exactly what you mean about switching from an easy job to a crazy busy job. I just switched jobs 4 months ago and I used to have tons of downtime at my previous job and used to blog at work but now at my current job, there absolutely no downtime and I am working constantly, so my blogging is only at night when I get the chance. Once you get into a good routine, everything will get easier!