Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Run # 69

ITs a Celebration!!! New Personal Record Tonight!! and I accomplished a goal!

First - I am still around, I am trying to run more but Ive been busy lately with starting my new job (which I LOVE!) and I've signed up for another 10 class Bikram Yoga package so I do that 1-2 times a week.

Tonight, the hubby and I went out to go run. It luckily wasnt as hot as normal so you didnt feel like you were going to melt or die. Monday we ran 2 miles - I wanted to die but didnt, Thank you God, we both know its not my time. So today I wanted to run at least 3 miles - we set out and I tried hard not to look at my pace but cheated a few times and compared to Brett and he said we were going a lot slower than my garmin said so I knew his must be wrong because it felt like 5 min miles. LOL.

2 miles in I wanted to quit but told myself I had to get 3 in Once we were getting close to the 3 mark and that a PR would be possilble the 5K goal came about and wow. Maybe I dont need to train for the 1/2 marathon and just go wing it since I can not run for a lil while and pull this out. Dont get me wrong but I just dont get it. Why cant every run be a good / amazing run?

Results of Run #69 - New 5K PR
Distance: 3.10 miles
Time: 28:51
Pace: 9:18 / mile
M1 - 9:17
M2 - 9:16
M3 - 9:28
M4 - 8:20 pace (.10)


  1. Alright! Good job Hollie! I have a hard time not looking down at my pace too! I love my Garmin but it's so easy to be obsessed with what that gadget says!

  2. Congrats on your new PR! Amazing! Love the blog :)