Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Run # 2

"Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing"

Run #2
Date: 9-30-09

Again another great quote today. I fear running. Which might be why I havent ran in a week.
Running is very mental - looking at my running chart and seeing 3, 4, 5, 6, 7+ miles on it in the future freaks me out. Just thinking about this week's run schedule puts butterflies in my stomach.

I know how to run, I'm just not good at long distance running. I want to get better, I know this road to get to 4 + miles is not going to be fun so by facing this fear I know I'll gain more strength and confidence that I can do this!

Tonight was more difficult than normal - I've been lazy for a week and my "Coach" had a prior obligation so I actually got off the couch and said ok I am going running all by my self. So I started charging the iPod while I found an outfit and made sure my Garmin was charged and off I went.

Once outside and found by the satellite, I told myself you can do the same loop as last time (The 2.15 mile loop). Started up the iPod with some Brittney - Break the Ice and off I was. Legs tight, decent pace but not as good bymyself. Got to the point where I complete the Square and start the round loop around the lake and I'm maybe 1/4 away around the lake when Taylor Swift's - Should have said No song came on. Its like seriously, I was fighting hard not to quit and my iPod starts to mock me with the "You should have Said No song" I quickly changed that song to whatever came up next and it was Beyonce "Diva". Much better because I thought to myself - I am a Diva right now - Diva's finish this run! haha

Results of Run #2
Distance: 2.15 miles (but the garmin says 2.06 this time for the same path - dont get it)
Time: 20:33
Pace: 9:33 / mile

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