Saturday, September 26, 2009

Run # 1

"The Hardest Part about running is going out your front door"

Run # 1
Date: 9-23-09

Today's quote couldnt be more true. I get home from work and "Coach" is like ok we are going running how far are we going? I say 2 miles. He says ok you need to run a 9 mile pace. I freak out.

I'm not a fan of distances or pacing - I mentally freak out. I think I cant do it. I tell myself I cant do it. So "Coach" agrees to me doing a 10 min / mile pace.

We live downtown and by a Lake which has a nice path around it which is almost a mile - we decide to follow the road and do the square around the lake which is over a mile, then do the loop around the lake. I just got the Garmin 310XT for my birthday from my Awesome! Husband so using it was awesome (Still trying to figure out how to upload though). We are running, doing great - "coach" is in front of me and I'm watching the pace on the watch every so often and Holy Geeze - we are under the 10min/mile pace.

Near the end I started cramping and slowing down but I finished.

Results of Run # 1
Distance: 2.15 miles
Time: 20:31
Pace: 9:32 / mile

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